Make  Informed  Decisions  About  Structural  Issues

The integrity of a structure is of paramount concern for contractors, homeowners or real estate agents as they consider even minor adjustments to a building’s construction. But there are problems that can manifest as you begin to work on any renovation.

Save  time,  money  and  get  to  the  root  of  the  problem  quickly

Step 1:
Purchase access to the Assessment tool

Step 2:
Follow a series of step-by-step questions and supporting illustrations, guiding you on key areas of your structure to observe, based on what type of issue you are facing.

Step 3:
Revisit the assessment steps if needed. You have unlimited use of the guidance tool for 5 days.

How  to,  Use  our  Assessment  Tool  for  Determining  if  a  Wall  is  Load  Bearing

How to use our assessment tool – Create account – Pay $49.95 – Use for 5 days – Determine if the wall is load-bearing

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